Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships

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If you want to become an apprentice you will need to show that you have the ability to complete the programme.

The entry requirements for Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships vary depending on the training provider and employer.

Intermediate Apprenticeship

Typically, for an Intermediate Apprenticeship you will need a number of GCSEs grades A* to C with, ideally, English and maths being two of those subjects.

You might also be able to gain entry to an apprenticeship even if you have lower grades, as a training provider might assess your general ability as being of the right level to get started.

Advanced Apprenticeships

For an Advanced Apprenticeship you will need at least 5 GCSEs with grades A* to C (4-9 on the new GCSE grading system) with, ideally, English and maths being two of those subjects.

Advanced Apprenticeships offer you qualifications up to Level 3. Many Advanced Apprenticeship are highly competitive and many applicants will have already completed A Levels or other Level 3 qualifications.

An Advanced Apprenticeship enables you to develop work based skills in a particular job or sector. That's why people with A Levels sometimes choose this route, even though both are Level 3 qualifications! People with existing Level 3 qualifications can often complete an Advanced Apprenticeship in less time.

However, if you have achieved 5 good GCSES (grades A*-C) and/or good post 16 results you might be interested in looking at an Higher Apprenticeship.

Higher education and Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

Your career doesn’t have to stop after an Advanced Apprenticeship. If you want to go on to study at a higher level you will find many Higher Education institutions and colleges will value your skills and knowledge. If you want to find out more information about combining work with higher education have a look at the Working and learning, including to uni level section.

More and more employers are also now offering Higher Apprenticeships which are equivalent to the first year or two of university level study and some go all the way up to Level 7 (which is degree level and more!). You might find there is an opportunity at this level in your chosen sector.

Have a look at the 'Higher Apprenticeship' section to find out more or look at an A - Z list of all available apprenticeships and their levels.

Remember, you still have to find one and you can start by looking here for apprenticeship vacancies

There are also Degree Apprenticeships where you can work and study to degree level at the same time.

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