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The Open University offers a different way to work towards a degree - through distance learning: where you can study in your own time, often alongide a job or child care.

For full details on the wide range of courses on offer visit the 18 to 24 website.

More about the Open University

An Open University degree combines flexibility, high quality and value for money.

Most OU students study part-time which allows them to study alongside work, earn a regular income and build towards a highly respected degree. 

There are many other benefits in choosing to study with The Open University:

Financing an Open University course

The cost of full time OU study (120 credits) works out at £5400 per year*.

This is equivalent to a year’s full-time study at traditional universities.

However, most OU students study 60 credits or less each year, over six years.

You pay for each module separately – you don’t pay for a whole qualification upfront.

* 2016/17 prices; fees normally increase annually in line with inflation.

For more information on OU fees and funding support.

The Open University Video


Read Autumn's case study about why she chose to study her degree with the Open University.

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